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Our view is that PR is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Because the media landscape changes quickly, every news story delivers a fresh challenge. We really, really get this. It’s why our team is wired to deliver ace results.


Working across the US, Europe and Australia for two decades, our team knows and understands these global markets intimately. We have the knowledge, insight and strategic direction to drive your brand awareness there.


We create compelling news that the media wants to tell. When it’s not there, we find it. We navigate around the hurdles that often prevent companies from telling their stories. When we don’t have all the elements in place for an announcement—or even any news—like a dog with a bone, our tenacious team pursues until we have all the elements for a story that captures media interest.


We are proud of the longevity we’ve earned with so many of our clients over our 20-year history. We devote every day to building on their trust and growing these relationships. This comes from our commitment to consistency in our services, driving measurable results and delivering honest feedback to our client companies.
Creating a killer story. It’s what drives the media attention you want. KPR helps you identify and tell your story.
Tying company information to trends. Highlighting why you are unique and different. We generate compelling, dynamic content that educates and inspires.
We position your executives as thought leaders. First, we help them sharpen their subject area expertise. Then together, we deliver a steady output of articles and commentary for publications and social media.
KPR has captained many companies from launch to acquisition. We’re strategic at developing key strategies to get you in front of the right companies and industries.
Media in each region of the world have different story interests and placement practices. After 25+ years working across continents, we know exactly what sells—and what doesn’t.
We help your executives navigate media questions with confidence. With a little instruction from us, we will channel their dazzling commentary into podcasts that get heard.

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