What Our Clients Say

“As the senior editor of Wireless Week, I get literally hundreds of emails a day from PR reps and there is a reason that I always try to look out for and respond to Aoife’s. If I were a company fighting to get news in front of editors, Aoife is exactly the kind of person I would want representing me. She is personable, concise and efficient without being pushy. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Aoife over the years.”

Andrew Berg :: Editor, Wireless Week


“In all my years as a journalist, I have yet to work with a PR expert as thorough, thoughtful, detail-oriented, efficient and friendly as Aoife. She doesn’t just raise the PR bar, she plays in a higher league altogether. Her pitches as always relevant and well thought out, her background research is invaluable, her follow through is fantastic and her attitude is always excellent. Whatever I need as a journalist, Aoife is always more than happy to provide, be it quotes, suggested questions, background information pictures or contact info. She is also a fabulous event planner, which she demonstrated by completely co-ordinating RCR Wireless’ Global Tour Stop in Dublin. We would never have managed without her. I cannot praise Aoife highly enough and any company lucky enough to have her on board is making the right choice.”

Sylvie Barak :: Editor, EE Times (Formerly at RCR Wireless News)

“Aoife Kimber is one of the most effective PR people I’ve met in the business. She has built a killer team at KimberPR that has done an amazing job in helping us increase our brand awareness and surpass our sales goals. KPR delivers high-impact media coverage in all the right technology publications Not only does she know all the right technology media, she also has a creativity and flair for getting to the right story at the right time. I would highly recommend Aoife and her team to any company. The group’s drive and enthusiasm for delivering results are truly refreshing in place where PR agencies are dime a dozen.”

Laila Danielsen :: Elliptic Labs

“KimberPR has an uncanny ability to unearth a top rate news story amidst the clutter of product materials that engineers, marketing and sales teams have. KimberPR took our news and quickly and effectively turned it into a topical news story that got instant media coverage in all the top telecoms and wireless publications. As the Executive Director of TSSG Research Institute, an internationally renowned mobile software research centre based at the Waterford Institute of Technology, I have the responsibility to take a seed of a technology idea and promote it to the right audience.  KimberPR helped us with every aspect of our PR needs from launching products, to awards and speaker placement. I would recommend KimberPR for any emerging company looking to launch in the technology market.” 

Barry Downes :: Director of Innovation & Commercialisation, TSSG

“I have been working with Aoife for over six years and I can highly recommend her. Aoife has always been a pleasure to work with, tells you what you need to do and then ensures the agreed upon work all just happens! Great results every time. She has a fantastic contacts base including press, journalist and analysts – they respond to her requests and she can get great stories and news placed. I have worked with a number of her team and found them all to be just as responsive. Aoife has also supported me on a number of trade shows like CTIA, MWC, etc. and she has helped raise our profile at every occasion. Anyone looking for support in crafting a killer media message, drawing up a media strategy and finding a  real partner should talk to her. A real find, a true professional, and delivers on her promises.”

David Smith :: Enterprise Ireland

“KimberPR learned our business offering for the telecoms industry quickly and hit the ground running with a relevant, creative on-line marketing strategy. KimberPR knows all the analysts who we wanted to get to know and set up meetings for us with these influencers. KimberPR also knows the key media in the mobile telecoms world. Added to this, KimberPR provided new and innovative ideas to us to get our message out to potential customers and helped us push through the red tape to make these ideas a reality.”

Aidan Dillon :: CTO, Accuris Networks

“KimberPR was adept at putting us in touch with all the key analysts and media relevant to our business, through which awareness of Altobridge was greatly increased amongst key technology influencers. Aoife Kimber quickly understood the finer aspects of our technology and showed the key skills required to translate this information into news that was interesting, topical and relevant. KimberPR was efficient, detail oriented and a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Tuomey :: VP Marketing, Altobridge

“The team at KimberPR is detail-oriented, tech savvy and knows what the media wants. They are thorough in understanding the technology behind our news so they can focus on the benefits and newsworthiness, and make sure that press releases are pitched in a way that interests the media. The team has good connections with technology media and is flexible in their approach. All necessary for startup companies such as FeedHenry.”

Leonie Tierney :: Marketing Manager, FeedHenry

“KimberPR has greatly helped increased the awareness of our brand in North America. Whether it’s a feature in a trade magazine or a journalist visiting our RF design centre, KimberPR has an amazing ability to get our press releases well circulated with media contacts who count. Added to this, KimberPR has helped educate us on how we should be managing our interaction with the media which has proved invaluable as we continue to expand our company.”

Dermot O’Shea :: Director & Founder, Taoglas

“KimberPR has delivered outstanding results promoting Shenick’s products and services in the U.S. KimberPR understands Irish companies and has a strong history of working in Silicon Valley. With a pragmatic approach, we get exceptional coverage for our news. Any Irish company looking to launch in the U.S. should talk to KimberPR.”

Robert Winters :: Founder & CMO, Shenick Network Systems

“Aoife brings an innovative and creative approach to her work. She has an excellent rapport with every EFI team she works with. She is a clear thinker with an inspiring approach – a winning combination in the communications business.”

Tammy Glass :: Sr. Manager Creative Communications, EFI

“Those involved in a recent press tour of Ireland lauded the job that KimberPR did in managing this event. As one of the presenting companies, I thought the quality of attending journalists was high and the venue worked very well, and all aspects of this valuable programme seemed to run flawlessly from my perspective. I was one of many business leaders who positively commended on the way this was handled.”

Trey Harvin :: CEO, dotMobi

“I have worked with Aoife on a number of projects and she has delivered every time! I have no hesitation in recommending her to my client base. She has a straight forward approach to PR and knows how to get the maximum impact for the least investment! She is innovative, and creative. I would want Aoife on my team.”

Diane Roberts :: CEO, xCell Partners

“This is the second company I’ve used Aoife Kimber’s PR skills for. She has a rare combination of insightful yet practical advice. She is extremely competent and professional, delivering ace results for her clients!”

Katie Maller :: PR Manager, EFI